Christmas is coming…

…. and what other way to get all excited about is it than a nice wishlist?

I pretty much have the things I want to get to live the life I want. I definitely am not a (too) fancy or bohemian person.

My list is quite practical (sort of) and I would rather call it a medium term to buy list:

1. a Parker pen. So pretty and perfect this pen is that I need one to keep my writing stylish and because my pen (mysteriously) disappeared into darkness.

Stilou Parker Vector Premium Classic

2. Ikea box set. I really need to organize all my stuff and also get rid of the old broken boxes. (

kvittra box

3. Some Huawei P7 covers

4. A really really nice weekly planner for 2015 (

moleskine planner

5. A case for my writing instruments (

moleskine case

6. Some document organizers like Bebop.

So, this is THE wishlist for this Christmas. What about yours?


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